Crest of Mount Edgcumbe Lodge



The Beginnings of The Crest of Mount Edgcumbe Lodge 7431

The Mount Edgcumbe Lodge No 1446 was our ‘Mother Lodge’ and was formed way back in 1873 and was named after the 4th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe.

The Lodge had a long and interesting history; Queen Victoria was in the 36th year of her reign when our Mother Lodge was first formed. Two World Wars, a number of Prime Ministers, and much more, had been added to the country’s history to a particular point in 1954. The growing membership of the Lodge led to a group of its members deciding to form their own Lodge and to break away from The Mount Edgcumbe Lodge.

So it was that The Crest of Mount Edgcumbe Lodge was formed and eventually Consecrated on the 10th April 1956.

The members of the current Lodge come from all walks of life; accountants, businessmen running a variety of companies, insurance brokers, educationalists, those working in the financial sector of some of our major banks. There are too, a variety of ages all with one common bond, we are all Brothers within Masonry, and that bond is strong and enduring.

In the past, membership came from different areas; the docks played a major role in the development of the city, building was at its height in the two decades after the 2nd world war. Many members had daring and sometimes unbelievable stories of their past experiences of war time and one, the proud recipient of the MM (military medal) for gallantry. There are just one or two of our current members who can recall attending meetings back in the early 70s and enjoying the company of those with great stories to tell.

A list of the Founding Members of the Crest of Mount Edgcumbe Lodge can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

There have been 59 Masters since the Lodge was founded and just four have had the honour of being Master on two occasions. It would be a mammoth task to estimate just how much money has been raised and given to charity and good causes, which of course underpins everything that Masonry stands for; helping others in time of need and that means non Masons, men women and children as well as fellow Masons.

The Crest of Mount Edgcumbe Lodge is proud to be:

Grand Patron:                    Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

Grand Patron:                    Royal Masonic Trust for Boys and Girls

Grand Patron:                    New Masonic Samaritan Fund

Diamond Award:              Metropolitan Grand Lodge R.M.B.I Appeal 2009

Grand Patron:                    Master Mason’s Charity